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NAVIGA Industries:  Automotive

NAVIGA’s toolbox of business intelligence software solutions propels home offices and dealerships to research, analyze and understand the ways to increase inventory turnover of cars, regardless of condition, new or used.  The site selection software, contained with DemographicsNow Automotive, provides new impetus to identify the next location in the dealer network and secure a competitive site advantage before competition arrives. 

DemographicsNow Automotive is an outstanding tool for:

  • Market Analysis – quickly and accurately collect demographic and automotive related data by geographic area.
  • Advertising – use the market analysis to streamline your advertising budget to reach potential customers for new and/or used vehicle purchases.

Users include:

  • Major automobile manufacturers
  • Dealerships
  • Advertising and marketing companies
  • Automotive suppliers
Drive Time Map Example
Branch Map
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Demographics Comparison Chart Example

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