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NAVIGA Business Intelligence

Who we are and what we do

NAVIGA provides business intelligence (BI) software solutions to small and large businesses locally, regionally and nationally. NAVIGA sells the latest advanced technologies in business and consumer demographics and database and mapping tools to help clients identify and capitalize on new business and growth opportunities.

NAVIGA technology

NAVIGA provides business intelligence software solutions, integrating software, data and information. NAVIGA is a proud Value-Added Partner of SRC, a Southern California developer of market analysis software tools. NAVIGA utilizes six different Web and desktop-based software solutions that are fast, accurate and easy to use.

What NAVIGA does for customers

NAVIGA's strategic market analyses provide businesses with a significant competitive advantage as they identify market opportunities and target customer demographics more accurately and faster than their competitors. NAVIGA enables companies to generate sales leads, find new customers, develop direct mail or telemarketing campaigns, conduct market research, and a host of other business planning functions.

Markets served

NAVIGA serves customers headquartered in the Midwest and Southeast United States, specifically Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee. NAVIGA's BI software solutions are well-suited for small and large organizations in a range of industries including:

  • Automotive, to help dealerships allocate advertising dollars, assign sales territories, increase inventory turnover and measure sales performance.
  • Banking, to assess market opportunities, set effective sales goals, and develop targeted marketing and advertising strategies.
  • Commercial real estate to provide site location analyses, site selection and site optimization
  • Consumer Goods to research and market new products and their line extensions, identify new and competitive markets, capture and integrate data regardless of source across brands, anticipate retail demand and manage inventories, drive business strategies, execution and deployment across sales forces
  • Governments that require comprehensive demographic data that can be shared among all members of an organization and that enables decisions to be made faster and more accurately
  • Media companies and advertising agencies, who need market intelligence to instantly undertstand their clients' market and customer needs

NAVIGA's software products

  • Demographics Analyzer, offering unlimited, instant online access to demographic data, maps and reports
  • Allocate, providing tables, charts and maps of any geographically organized data
  • Solocast, delivering customer segmentation and profiling for an in-depth understanding of lifestyles and behaviors
  • Geonetx, a modeling tool to assist with the planning of retail networks
  • Alteryx, a dataflow application containing data access, data profiling, data parsing and geo-spatial mapping and analytics
  • Portfolio, the industry's most widely used business intelligence platform for quick and accurate market analyses

Year founded



NAVIGA is headquartered in Ohio, with offices in Mason, Ohio, Burlington, Kentucky and Aurora, Indiana.

Company Contacts

Kristi Grogan, President and Chief Executive Officer, (859) 538-1800 x 202
Shawn Dafoe, Vice President, Sales, (859) 538-1800 x 203
Teresa DeLong, Business Consultant, (859) 538-1800 x 201

Public Relations Contact

Ellen DePodesta, Ellen DePodesta Communications, (773) 868-1008,


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